What does the last school bell mean to you?

For some, it signals freedom; the end of a long, hard day. For others, it can be a lonely or even scary time. The Club is a safe-haven for kids after school. We stay open as late as 8PM at some locations and there’s plenty of space for you to do homework, play with friends or spend some time with your favorite staff member. To our members, the last bell means: I have somewhere to be; it’s time to go to the Club!
Studies show that just one meaningful, positive relationship can make all the difference in your life. It’s important to have someone to talk to when you’re not sure which path to take or someone to lean on when things get tough; someone to help you celebrate your accomplishments and learn from your mistakes. Our mentors know it takes time to build a meaningful relationship, which is why we begin building trust at 6-years-old and we maintain that trust beyond 18. Once you become a Club kid, we commit to you for life. And we’ll always have your back.

We know life can be unpredictable. Sometimes the unexpected can be fun and exciting, other times it can be overwhelming. One way to stay positive is to focus on what is within your control. Study habits, how you treat yourself and others and where you spend your time are always within our control. We help kids make the best decisions by surrounding them with positive choices every day.
It’s absolutely true that your environment helps shape your interests. The Club is a great place to expand your imagination and experience curiosity and wonder. We believe that positive exposure gives you vision for the future (which comes in handy when grownups ask you what you want to be when you grow up!) We want to help you discover what you’re made of, which is why our programs are so diverse. Your first week you might learn how to build a robot with the robotics team, by your third week you’re learning the first few chords of the harp and by the first week of summer, you may be the star kicker at the Southside Kickball Tournament. Every day at the Club is a chance to build new friendships and uncover hidden talents you never knew you had!
“The only source of knowledge is experience.” Albert Einstein
You want to be a leader? We’re already happy about that. You may already know that being a leader takes courage, responsibility and determination. The Clubs will help you grow in all of those areas, but there’s another quality that leaders often have, and that’s confidence. Confidence is usually built by experience, and the good news is, we have plenty of that, too. We offer a wide variety of practical experiences. Sometimes the opportunity to lead happens inside the Club, the way a parent might pass down extra responsibilities to a child. Other times, we ask our partners to get involved and offer once-in-a-lifetime learning experiences to help you grow in knowledge and lead with confidence.


Our mission to empower young people to succeed in life relies on our members’ ability to redefine their own understanding of success and to take full control of their lives. To track success, we focus on what we’re calling, “The Building Blocks of Success”, qualities that build self-worth and competencies within a child to help them reach success despite their circumstances. We use the Search Institute’s Developmental Assets Profile to measure the level of internal and external assets among our members.



Our quality programs focus on our 4 building blocks for success.

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