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No matter where we’re from, we all deserve the chance to pursue a life built by our own definition and talents.


For more than 70 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond has invested in the young people in our community. We’re committed to helping students thrive, regardless of their circumstances.

We offer year-round programs for youth ages 6-18 for a small annual membership fee. We offer after-school programs Monday through during the school year, with hours varying by location. During the summer, we hold a seven-week program, with Clubs open all day. Want to join us? Contact the Clubs above for more information.

We provide a safe and enriching space.

What does the last school bell mean to a child? 

For some, it signals freedom and the end of a long day. But for others, it can be a lonely or even scary time. The Club is a haven for kids after school, a place that is both physically and psychologically safe. We stay open as late at 8 p.m. in some locations. At the Club, our students can take a deep breath and finish homework, learn new skills, play with friends or spend time with our friendly and professional staff. 

For our members, the last bell now means: I have somewhere to be; it’s time to go to the Club.


We develop long-lasting relationships.

Just one meaningful, positive relationship can make all the difference in a student’s life.

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond, our mentors know that it takes time to build strong relationships. We begin developing trust with members at the tender age of 6 and maintain that trust beyond the age of 18. Once students join the Club, we’re committed to them for life. 



We help students make good decisions. 

Life is unpredictable. For some kids, the unexpected is exciting. For others, an unstable environment can be overwhelming.

We help students focus on what remains within their control. Whether it’s healthy study habits or how they treat themselves or others, we help Club members make the best decisions by surrounding them with positive choices every day.



We create opportunities for discovery.

Our environments shape our interests—and our dreams for the future. If our daily atmosphere is filled with stress and anxiety, it’s difficult to build a dream.

The Club is a perfect place for students to expand their horizons and experience curiosity and wonder. Positive exposure to a wide variety of opportunities gives students a vision for their futures. 

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond, our diverse programs are backed by data and decades of expertise. We help students discover what they’re made of, unearthing hidden talents and interests. One week, they may be learning how to build a robot, and the next, how to play the harp, organize a kickball tournament or apply to college. Every day at the Club, we’re building friendships and learning skills to last a lifetime.



We help students grow and strengthen skills.

Leadership requires courage, responsibility and determination. But leaders also need confidence. 

We help students build confidence every day at the Club. With every positive experience and every new discovery, students walk out our doors ready to face the world. Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond gives students the chance to lead and take ownership of their lives, whether that opportunity is inside or outside of the Club.

Together, we’re building brighter futures every day.



Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond provides bus tours of all five clubs as well as individual club tours.
If you are interested in arranging a bus tour for your group or would like to visit a club,
email us