Our Team


Todd McFarlane
President & CEO

(804) 359-5250 x224 | Email Todd


Sean Miller, Chief Operating Officer

(804) 359-5250 x231 | Email Sean

The Operations Team

  • Anne Burgess, Director of Human Resources

  • Marvin Green, Director of Operations


Tami Powell, Chief Financial Officer

(804) 359-5250 x226 | Email Tami

The Finance Team

  • Adam Harkins, Accountant

  • Lee Miller, Accounting Clerk

David LeFebvre,
VP of Philanthropy

(804) 359-5250 x244 | Email David

The Philanthropy Team

  • Caitlin Figura, Donor Relations Manager

  • Kelly McCarthy, Marketing & Communications Manager

  • Chris Mernin, Community Relations Manager

Kelly Burnett,
Director of Outcomes

(804) 359-5250 x241 | Email Kelly

The Outcomes Team

  • Victoria Heverley, Outcomes Coordinator

Caprichia Moses,
VP of Teen Impact

(804) 359-5250 x221 | Email Caprichia

The Teen Team

  • Craig Watson, Special Projects Coordinator

  • Eric Gilliam, Teen Coordinator

  • Alexis Stevens, Teen Coordinator

  • Jade Tabb, Teen Counselor/Alumni Coordinator

Club Staff

  • East End - Fairfield Court: Delbria Walton (Senior Program Director)

  • East End - MLK, Jr. Middle School: Jennifer Ponton (Senior Program Director), Amanda Ferrara (Program Instructor)

  • Northside: Tawn Walker (Senior Program Director), Cory Jones (Program Instructor)

  • Southside: Chevonne Booker (Senior Program Director), Lakeisha Graves (Program Instructor)

  • Petersburg: Brandie Pitt (Senior Program Director), Jordan Council (Program Instructor)